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16-Month-Old Girl Has Surgery To Remove Dandelion Growing In Her Ear

A young girl in China needed surgery after doctor’s made the startling discovery that a dandelion was growing inside her ear.

The dandelion, which apparently had been growing for a few months inside the 16-month-old’s ear, had reached a size of nearly two centimeters long, according to the Beijing Morning Post. The flower was found by doctors after the girl was taken to a hospital crying and in pain.

The child's parents reported that "something like a seed" had fallen into their daughter's ear around four months ago, noted Digital Journal, but they apparently didn't think it required attention until the child wouldn’t stop scratching her ear.

Gu Qinglong, a Beijing surgeon of the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, removed a dandelion sprout from the girl’s ear. The roots had even embedded themselves in her ear canal.

Doctors said the dandelion had grown into the girl's ear and had completely filled the canal wall, which could have caused serious damage.

“Even the slightest bit of pressure put her at risk for internal bleeding so it had to come out,” Qinglong said.

Mail Online also detailed a few other strange incidents of finds inside of people’s ears. Over the summer, an English woman who had unexplained headaches learned that her ears were filled with flesh-eating worms she picked up in Peru. Also, last year, a woman in China who complained of an itch was found to have a spider living inside.

Sources: Mail Online, Digital Journal


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