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14-Year-Old Girl Born Without Anus Makes Powerful Speech Asking Important Question (Video)


A 14-year-old born without an anus made a powerful speech (video below) in which she asked the important question, “What is normal?” 

Aiesha Ross was born with an imperforate anus — as well as cloacal abnormalities that left the nerves in her spine controlling bowel and bladder functions damaged, according to Metro. She, therefore, has no control over her bowels. 

“Teenagers need to feel normal,” she says in a video of the speech. "What does normal mean? Who is normal?

“Being normal is doing things everyone else does — doing things like going on sleepovers, going on camps, going on trips, and going swimming are easy things for you to do but not so easy for me. See, I have to take cautions for everything. At our age, wearing a bikini is normal, going to sleepovers is normal, to not have to live life wondering whether you will have a husband or children is normal.”

She goes on to reveal details of her condition, fighting back tears as she explains how it has affected her life.

“I haven’t been able to go on school camps unless I have a parent or teacher with me,” she says. “I can’t go to sleepovers because I’m not normal. I’m always wondering if I’ll even have a husband or children when I’m older, because I’m not normal. I’m in and out of hospital all the time because I’m not normal.”

The message the brave teen attempts to get across at the end of the video is that despite being different than others her age, there is no such thing as “normal.”

“I am so sick of being compared to others, who are so called ‘normal,’” she concludes. “Please take a stand and make a new normal.”

Watch the incredible speech below.

Sources: MetroYouTube / Photo credit: Metro

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