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13-Year-Old's Headache Was Actually A Stroke That Left Her Paralyzed

A 13-year-old girl who thought she just had a headache quickly discovered that it was actually a stroke that would leave her paralyzed.

In July 2014, Elizabeth Kiss collapsed on the morning of a family wedding.

“That morning Elizabeth came downstairs saying she had a headache,” her mother, Danielle Kiss, said. “The she fell to the floor and seemed in so much pain.”

Elizabeth was rushed to the hospital, where it was discovered during a CT scan she had suffered a blood clot in her brain, Metro reports. The clot caused her to have a stroke.

“She kept asking me, ‘Am I going to die?’ It was horrendous,” Danielle said. “I noticed the left side of her body wasn't moving. It crossed my mind that it could be a stroke but I thought, ‘That's impossible, she's too young.’”

One side of Elizabeth’s body was left paralyzed from the stroke.

Elizabeth underwent surgery to remove the blood clot, reports The Daily Mail, but it was unsuccessful and the clot is still in her brain.

Aspirin was given to her to thin her blood and doctors say it is unlikely the clot will cause another stroke.

“We were told it would take at least six weeks for her to recover,” Danielle said. “But she started having her physiotherapy and she was so determined. I was wheeling her around but Elizabeth made such quick progress, she was able to stand just 10 days after the stroke.”

Nearly one year later, Elizabeth has taken her first steps. She hopes that, with time, she will fully regain her ability to walk so she may no longer need a wheelchair.

Elizabeth went home three weeks after her stroke and returned to school part-time last September.

It is unknown whether she will fully recover, but she is continually making progress.

“She's still doing well and she tries not to let it get her down,” Danielle said. “Her school have been great and hopefully she can go full-time this year.It's going to be a long road but she wants to be able to walk in her wedges.I know she can do it.”

Sources: The Daily Mail, Metro

Photo Source: Metro


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