Too Young? 13-Year-Old has Full-Sleeve Tattoo

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momlogic's Vivian: Photos surfaced all around the blogosphere, like right here on BuzzFeed, of a 13-year-old Russian kid with a full-sleeve tattoo! Check it!

Mind you, the kid's dad is a tattoo artist.

As a tattooed mom, I happen to be of the opinion that 13 is still WAY young for a single tat, let alone a full sleeve. First of all, the kid is still growing, and there's a good chance his tats will get distorted when he reaches his full height. Second, I got an ankle tattoo in my early 20s that I still regret, but I believe I was old enough to make that choice and live with the consequences. That said, I think the legal age of 18 for tattoos here in the U.S. is fair, even though I believe that 18 is barely old enough to make a decision you can live with for a lifetime. Most tattoo

studios are rather fastidious about laws concerning age and hygiene. However, there's always someone ready to break the law, for whatever reason. Just a few years back, an Indiana tattoo artist was put behind bars for tattooing a 4-year-old! Now that's just plain old sadistic!

What do you guys think? When it comes to getting tattooed, how old should the legal age be? And can you imagine how challenging it would be for our teenaged girls to come up with a tasteful option for masking their "Bieber Forever" tats?


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