1/3 of Child Cancer Patients May be Infertile in Adulthood

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Childhood cancer patients face an uncertain future regarding whether they have remained fertile, and a recent German study makes this abundantly clear.

According to findings published inDeutsches Arzteblatt International, as many as 30 percent ofchildhood cancersurvivors are suspected of being rendered infertile because of their anti-cancer treatments.

Researchers collected data from 2,754 participants (1,476 of whom had been treated for a leukemia subtype, and the rest, for solid tumors). Of those, 210 agreed to undergo fertility testing, and infertility was suspected in thirty percent.

Severalchemotherapydrugs, especially a select few known to treat hematologic cancers, are known to be high-risk for loss of fertility. The same is true forradiotherapy, when the radiation is not focused and affects the groin.


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