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12-Year-Old Gives Birth to Twins the Same Day as 9-Year-Old Gives Birth

On the same day a 9-year-old girl gave birth in Mexico, a 12-year-old gave birth to twins in Argentina.

The girl was just 11 when she became pregnant, and gave birth a month after turning 12.

Her pregnancy was noticed when her school teacher alerted her mother of the child’s growing belly.

She is from a town called Chilecito, 650 miles northwest of Buenos Aires. Police are treating it as child abuse and have questioned two boys, ages 16 and 20.

The girl gave birth to the twins five weeks early by Caesarian section and the twins weighed 3lb and 4 oz. each.

Her sister, 14, gave birth three months ago.

Neighbors of the family have started raising money to help the family pay for the newborns.

Meanwhile, Mexican police are looking for the 17-year-old father of the 9-year-old’s child. He left their hometown to look for work.

She was only eight when she became pregnant. She has 11 siblings, half living with her mother and half with her father.

The hospital inserted a contraceptive implant into the girl’s arm so she can not become pregnant again. Her mother said her daughter had sex with the teen willingly and she did not report him because she did not think anything was wrong.

Head of Gynaecology at Zoquipan Hospital, Raymundo Serrano, said the girl came from a dysfunctional family. The parents agreed to have the contraceptive implanted in her arm. It will be effective for three years.

While these girls are young, the youngest-ever mother was five-and-a-half years old. The girl was from Peru and gave birth to a boy named Gerardo, who weighed 5lbs. After her parents took her to a doctor for the “tumor” in her tummy, they learned she was pregnant.

America’s youngest mother was just nine years old when she gave birth in 1908.

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