12-Year-Old Boy Slams Anti-Vaccine People (Video)


Marco Arturo, a 12-year-old self-identified "scientist," posted a video (below) on his Facebook page May 24 in which he skewers people who oppose vaccines based on the premise that vaccines cause autism.

In the video, which has more than 500,000 views as of May 27, Marco announces that he is going to be "touching a very delicate topic ... vaccines."

Marco states that pharmaceutical companies and doctors have been lying to everyone about vaccines, which sounds like an anti-vaxxer assertion.

"And after a lot of research I found that vaccines do and will cause autism," Marco adds.

He then holds up a folder titled: "Evidence That Vaccines Cause Autism," which he says contains, "Every single bit of evidence in the universe that vaccines do cause autism."

"And I'll go page by page reading and explaining everything I've got in here," the boy states.

Marco pulls out several blank pages for his silent punch line and says:

I think it might be because there is absolutely no evidence to support the statement that vaccines are linked to autism in any way whatsoever. On the other hand, it's almost an axiom that vaccines prevent millions of children from dying from diseases like polio and measles and meningitis and hepatitis, just to mention a few, even small pox. Small pox was eradicated thanks to vaccines.

Marco also brings up the counter-argument of "it's my child," and says that an anti-vaccine parent is risking their own child's health and exposing other children to diseases via the unvaccinated child, all based on some "forwarded email."

The boy scientist pleads with parents to vaccinate their kids, and does a mic-drop joke at the end.

The Friendly Atheist, who flagged the video, noted: "Oh. I guess Marco double majored in immunology and theater. Well played. Welcome aboard, future Science Guy."

Commenters on Marco's Facebook page wrote:

"SAVAGE!!!!! YOU GO, KID!!!!"

"This kid is adorable!"

"He and my son could be twins (both in appearance & attitude)."

Sources: Friendly Atheist, Marco Arturo/Facebook / Photo credit: Marco Arturo/Facebook via YouTube

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