12-Day-Old Baby Died After Operation Cancelled 5 Times

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A 12-day-old baby died after his operation was cancelled five times because of a lack of beds.

Harley Pascoe was born with half a heart.

Doctors at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children said the infant was not ill enough for surgery.

When his condition deteriorated, his status was upgraded to that of an emergency patient. Sadly, on Oct. 1 of last year, after a six-hour operation, Harley suffered a cardiac arrest.

“The day before his first scheduled operation, we were told it was not going to go ahead as they had no available beds,” said Roscoe’s mother, 23-year-old Danielle Gatehouse.

“His next operation didn’t go ahead again due to a lack of beds in the PICU. We were told he was stable and not considered an emergency,” Gatehouse said.

Coroner Maria Voisin said Harley died after necessary surgery for complex congenital heart disease.

Metro reports that Flax Bourton Coroner’s Court heard that the delay to the operation would not have led to Harley’s death.

“We are convinced there were missed opportunities,” said Gatehouse and her partner, 30-year-old Lee Pascoe.

Metro reports that Gatehouse and Pascoe are now helping an independent investigation into the hospital’s cardiac unit, in which 13 babies and children have died or become seriously ill since 2008.

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation trust said that it had to reschedule Harley’s operation to “accommodate children needing treatment more urgently.”

Sources: Metro, Mail Online

Photo Sources: Metro, Mail Online


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