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11-Year-Old Girl Reportedly Saves Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Nana Singh, 11, is being called a hero after she reportedly saved her entire family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

A faulty furnace in the family’s Nashua, New Hampshire, home filled the air with a virtually undetectable, but potentially deadly gas, WDHD reported. Nana’s sister, mother and grandparents all felt dizzy and sick, so she called her father, who told her to get their family out of the house, according to Nana's brother, Delpritt Singh.

Firefighters determined that the carbon monoxide level in the house was potentially deadly.

Though the family is expected to recover, some victims of carbon monoxide poisoning can suffer from more serious side effects, like irreversible brain damage, according to the Mayo Clinic. Carbon monoxide can be especially dangerous, even fatal, to those who are sleeping or intoxicated.

Repairman Gill Rodrigue warned homeowners to have their furnaces inspected.

"Remember, [Carbon monoxide] is not detectable," he told WDHD. "So you could be sleeping and the next thing you know, nobody's waking up.”

Sources: WHDH, Mayo Clinic / Photo Credit: WHDH

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