11-Year-Old Girl Pregnant After Being Repeatedly Raped Since She Was 8


Two men in Conway, South Carolina are charged with sexual assault after years of raping a young girl resulted in her pregnancy at age 11.

Kevin Maurice Jackson, 30, has reportedly been sexually assaulting the girl since she was 8 years old. After three years of sexual assault at the hands of Jackson, the young victim told her grandmother this past September, and it was reported to police.

After being examined at the hospital, it was discovered that the 11-year-old girl is pregnant.

Now, the victim is also claiming that Kevin Jackson’s 20-year-old nephew Damian Jackson also forced her to have sex with him while Kevin watched.

Damian is currently being held at J. Reuben Long Detention Center, and Kevin has been officially charged with criminal sexual conduct in the first degree. He was denied bond by a judge.


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