11-Year-Old Dies After Mysterious Allergic Reaction While On Family Trip To Hawaii


An 11-year-old girl suffered from a mysterious allergic reaction and died while on a family trip to Hawaii during the Thanksgiving break – and her family is still trying to put the pieces of this tragedy together.

Karin Carpenter says her daughter Paige has always had food allergies and is sensitive to certain environmental triggers, but that she has no idea what sparked her illness on a recent trip to Honolulu, reports Fox 8 News. While swimming with her sister Violet, the little girl reportedly complained to her mother that her nose was burning. Her throat then began swelling up.

Her family says her lungs closed up and her heart stopped. Paige received CPR for an hour in order for doctors to get her heart working again and during her time spent at the hospital, her body temperature had to be kept at 35 degrees just to preserve her brain, according to a GoFundMe page set up for the family.

Prior to her death, Paige reportedly said to her mother: “I’m dying. I know I’m going to die because I can see the look on your face.”

The family has been told Paige’s reaction could have been to volcanic ash or the temperature of the pool, reports WGN TV. Her funeral will be held in January.

Sources: Fox 8 News, GoFundMe, WGN TV/Photo Credit: GoFundMe


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