11-Year-Old Celina Cass Goes Missing from Bedroom


Police in the small border town of Stewartstown, New Hampshire are desperately hunting for a missing 11-year-old girl who disappeared from her bedroom more than two days ago.

Parents of Celina Cass say she was last seen at her computer at about 9 p.m. Sunday night. When they went to wake her up the next morning, she was gone.

Along with scouring through computer and phone records, police crews have been combing the area around her house and beyond.

Two police boats are searching the nearby Connecticut River.

As of Wednesday, police say there aren't any indications yet that Celina ran away or was kidnapped. There were no signs of any struggle in the bedroom.

Wendell Noyers, the girl's stepfather, says she is a quiet girl who wouldn't journey from the house alone. 

Considering its remote location -- only one mile from the Canadian border -- and population of only 800 people, Stewartstown has been shocked by the incident. The principal of Celina's school, who described the girl as popular and well-liked by others, said counseling has been made available for fellow students.

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