11-Month-Old Poppy Watts Finds Sharp Metal Blade in her Toys


Gina Barrat, 24, was preparing a meal in her kitchen while her 11-month-old daughter, Poppy Watts, played with her new plastic toy set. Unbeknownst to Barrat, her daughter pulled a four-inch blade from the toys. As most children would do, Poppy then put the blade in her mouth. 

Luckily, Poppy’s father, Stewart Watts, 32, spotted the sharp, metal blade and immediately took it from his daughter, before she injured herself.

“She took all the tools out, and they were on the floor. She put the blade in her mouth, and that’s when Stewart saw the shiny blade,” Barrat said.

“I was cooking dinner when it happened and when I went in the room I was gobsmacked,” Barrat said. “I was devastated and I felt sick. I just kept thinking what could have happened and what damage it could have caused to Poppy.”

The couple bought the toy set, which is filled with plastic, child-sized tools, at a Poundstretcher store near their Sheffield, South Yorkshire, home for £11.99, or about $19. The blade appears to be partially wrapped in cardboard and tape.

A company spokesperson said: "We would like to apologise to Gina and her family. Our products are rigorously tested by the manufacturers and we are investigating how this unfortunate incident happened.”

In 2011, some 13 children in the United States were killed by their toys. Another 262,300 were injured by their playthings. The most dangerous toys that year were non-motorized scooters, which injured 57,400 children, toy balls (21,100 injuries) and toy vehicles (14,000 injuries).

Sources: Gizmodo, Metro / Image via Metro


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