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'His Face Was Droopy': Fourth-Grader Identifies Grandfather's Stroke, Thanks To Science Project (Video)

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A fourth grade student from St. Louis, Missouri saved her grandfather after she utilized the knowledge she learned from a science fair project.

Sophia Tabors, 10, presented a project on how to identify and treat strokes for her school’s science fair.

“My other grandpa had a stroke and during that stroke I’m like, ‘Well it’d be interesting to find out why strokes happen and what causes them,” Sophia told KMOV News (video below).

The self-described bookworm ended up winning second place for her project. However, it was not until two months later that her presentation really came in handy when her other grandfather fell victim to a stroke while the family was out shopping at the grocery store.

“He dropped a bag of apples. He was staring at it and I was trying to ask him if he was okay,” Sophia said. “He was saying something but I didn’t get it and his face was droopy on one side.”

The fourth grader soon identified that her grandfather was suffering from a stroke and decided to take action.

“I told my mom what was happening and she called 911,” she said.

According to Dr. Amer Alshekhlee, it was the tenacious girl’s knowledge and action that saved her grandfather’s life.

“I have no doubt she saved a lot of his functions and probably his life too,” the doctor told KMOV News.

The grandfather is reportedly recovering fine, thanks to his granddaughter.

Source: KMOV, YouTube

Photo Credit: KMOV


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