10-Year-Old Girl Dies Of Cancer After Parents Chose To Treat Her With Mud Over Chemotherapy

In 2009, a 10-year-old girl died from cancer after her parents decided to treat her using mud and other natural options rather than chemotherapy. Today, they still defend their decision despite an ongoing investigation.

Australian girl Tamar Stitt was told that she had a massive tumor on her liver, and after doctors recommended aggressive chemotherapy, her parents refused. They instead opted for natural treatments including mud therapy and herbal teas. Unfortunately, those treatments did not work, and the parents finally gave in to the doctor’s suggestions for chemotherapy. At that point, however, Stitt was too far-gone, and three months after her initial diagnosis, she died.

“I had so much faith it was going to work for Tamar,” said Arley Stitt, Tamar’s mother.

Tamar’s father Trevor Stitt, who is now estranged from the girl’s mother, told investigators that his wife had treated many of his ailments using clay, and while he was skeptical at first, he consented after seeing the results with other illnesses.

Initially, doctors told Tamar’s parents that their daughter had a 30 percent chance of survival if she did chemotherapy, but if she didn’t do it, she would die. Trevor and Arley Stitt, to this day, defend their decision to use natural remedies, and Arley says that she believes they would have worked if doctors had not done chemo at all.

“I strongly believe that if I was given a chance to treat Tamar in a way that I thought was the right way, she'd be here today,” said Arley. “You can't combine natural remedies with chemotherapy.”

The investigation is currently ongoing.


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