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10 Totally Unnecessary Baby Products

By: Heather Somaini

Ok, I have a bunch of baby gear pet peeves.  First off I LOVE gear – the more the better.  But too often we get wrapped up in wanting to have all the things that everyone else has and in reality, we just don’t need it. There’s an entire industry of manufacturers that wants to convince you that you or your baby can’t live without their products. These are the ones I think are the most unnecessary.

  1. The Diaper Genie:  This is by far my biggest pet peeve.  Diapers are already filling up landfills like crazy and we should be reducing them, not encasing them in more plastic so that it takes even LONGER for them to biodegrade.  A regular garbage can will do just fine and when someone says it’s smelly, well then it’s a good reminder that you should probably take them out of the house and put them in the garbage bin outdoors.  Don’t keep 100-200 diapers in your house for weeks on end.  Ewwww.
  2. Baby Wiper Warmer :   Warmers are all the rage because your baby’s bottom is super sensitive – I get it.  But if you start this now, you’re going to do it forever and how are you supposed to warm wipees when you’re travelling?  Are you going to take this thing everywhere you go?  No.  Totally unnecessary.
  3. Baby Bottle Warmer :  This one is just as bad if not worse than the wiper warmer.  If your baby is always used to a warm bottle, he will probably refuse a room temperature or cold one.  That’s probably no big deal at home other than the screaming hungry baby waiting for that bottle to warm up but it’s impossible when you travel.  Best to give babies a room temperature bottle so that you never have to worry about it.
  4. Baby Bottle Sterilizer :  Completely unnecessary and clutters up your kitchen counter.  Your dishwasher will definitely clean and sterilize your bottles.  Get one of these little baskets and throw all your bottle parts into the dishwasher.  Done.
  5. Baby Monitors :  I so wanted to get one of these before the babies were born because it seems so James Bond and I LOVE gadgets.  But we decided not to get one right away and we really didn’t need it.  I’m sure I just would have stared at that video screen during their entire nap instead of napping myself.
  6. Shopping Cart Cover: This one is sort of tricky because it looks like such a safe place to put your baby and it keeps germs on the cart away from them.  Almost every grocery store we went to had disinfectant wipes near the front door so we just wiped the shopping cart down and put the kids in.  One less thing to worry about.
  7. Baby Swing: I’m not sure how strongly I feel about this one but my wife does!  She really felt a swing was unnecessary and of course, we would have had to get two of them.  Our kids did just fine exploring the floor when they couldn’t be held.
  8. Hands Free Baby Bottle Holder:  Ok, this is sort of ridiculous.  I didn’t even know one of these existed until Tere showed it to me recently.  Completely unnecessary.
  9. Baby Einstein DVDs: You can read all about the rise and controversy of these DVDs here but it seems like all of the experts agree that these at best do nothing for your baby.
  10. Sleep Positioners:  The FDA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have recently come out against sleep positioners.  We actually DID use these but apparently they don’t really help much and increase the risk of suffocation.


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