10 Reasons Why Obamacare is Dead

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Washington, D.C. — The Supreme Court is gearing up to rule on the constitutionality of The
Affordable Care Act, which is also known as Obamacare. On the face of it, Obamacare would help people who have lost their health insurance if they were laid off from their jobs or if they went bankrupt.

In that respect, the Affordable Care Act kind of sounds all-American. It’s not only set up to
regulate future healthcare costs but it also would subsidize small business health insurance
policies. That’s a winner, right? Wrong.

Obamacare is going to get tossed into the ash bin of history for the following reasons:

General Ignorance. People know almost nothing about the Affordable Care law. So Americans have no idea how it will affect them. All they know is what they heard in the fear-mongering advertisements and in the politicized news media. So they believe that it will sack small businesses while raising healthcare cost.

A Hopelessly Divided Middleclass. The political parties and the news media have spent billions of dollars in order to divide the middleclass. Politicians thought they were doing it for the good of their parties. But the actuality is that wealthy Americans need a divided middleclass. That way the rich can continue to make money off people who vote against their self-interest—and who will axe legislators who vote for insurance regulations.

Healthcare is a Cash Cow. The family of the former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R/
TN) owned a majority share of HCA, the biggest healthcare provider in the U.S. When that was combined with Columbia health insurance, Florida Governor Rick Scott, the new CEO, just about got busted for fraudulent practices—over-billing Medicare to the tune of a half-billion dollars. This highlights the issue that there are big bucks in health insurance and big players, also. No one in their right mind is going to let the Obamacare regulations stand, not when the law intends to reign in the freewheeling mega-corporate players.

Super PAC Money Goes Against Obamacare 10-to-1. The Supreme Court ruled that rich Americans can spend whatever sums they want on political campaigns. Now, super political action committees have taken over politics in America. Billionaires are secretly donating millions at a time to Super PACs in order to bust those members in Congress who voted for Obamacare.

A Quarter Billion Dollars of Negative Advertisements. Anti-Obamacare ads have had the effect of burning it into the public mind that it is somehow socialist and evil. It’s even been said that the Affordable Care Act will empower death panels to pull the plug on your grandmother’s life-supports. Meanwhile, a government program, Medicare, provides excellent medical services for 44 million Americans, but it’s not called socialistic or satanic.

Pro-Business, Activist Supreme Court. The five judges who dictate policy from the Supreme Court bench are pro-business activists. These justices believe in a regulation-free healthcare market, where the best treatment goes to the highest bidder. In doing that, the justices stand firmly against President Obama. They realize that killing Obamacare is the best way to defeat Obama. The constitutionality of the law is not even an issue with them—similar to when they ruled that Bush could be president without there being a final vote count. In a similar vein, the justices have vowed not to read the Affordable Care Act bill before they vote on its constitutionality. It’s just not worth their time.

Fairness Lost Out to Greed. The argument that fairness reigns in America is no longer true. Since the Reagan Administration began preaching the mantra of Me First, greed has become a family value for a lot of folks. Now a majority of Americans feel that if you help someone else by subsidizing their health insurance policy this will subtract from medical care that you will receive. It’s as if there is a finite amount of medical treatment available and you have to fight for what you have.

TV News is a Joke. Young adults get most of their news from the comedy programs. They turn to the comedians because they see the news as totally a joke. They learned to be cynical about it by watching their elders, many of whom tune to the politicized cable news stations to learn who to hate. This helps to explain why Americans do not have much factual news about healthcare. The healthcare debate is just one more joke put out to divide Americans, right?

America is Going Backwards. Instead of catching up with the rest of the industrial nations,
American leaders have decided to take the country back to the past. They’ve already taken the economy back to 1929 pre-Great-Depression-Era levels. At that time, the economy collapsed because a few hundred families controlled most of the wealth. Today is no different. The six kids of Sam Walton, the Walmart founder, own as much property as 90 million other American families combined. With their grip on America’s finances, they and other wealthy individuals are not about to support politicians who will vote for progressive legislation like universal healthcare.

Americans Prioritize According to their Convictions. Americans vote from gut feelings. If they are convinced that Obamacare goes against the Founding Fathers’ vision of America, they will go against it. That’s why they will empower the next Congress to kill Obamacare, should some parts of it survive being trashed by the Supreme Court. Americans do not have enough information to make decision in their self-interest, so gut feelings rule. And so, the vast majority of people do not realize that if they have health insurance already, Obamacare doesn’t require them to do anything. They falsely believe that it will take away their current policies. So they’re convinced that the all-American thing to do is get rid of Obamacare.

All in all, the deck is stacked against Obamacare. If you are benefitting from the Affordable
Health Act, you had better make new plans. Obamacare is dead. There will not be much of it
left when the Supreme Court rules that it is unconstitutional in late June, 2012. And if you are among the 50 million Americans are without health insurance, you’ll have to live with what Mitt Romney says, “No, no, nooo …you’re too late!”

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