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10 Easy Ways to Cut Calories to Get Your Swimsuit Body

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April showers bring May flowers…which constantly remind us that we’re less than one month away from swimsuit season! It’s never too late to give your eating habits a makeover by making small changes that would lead to big differences. Say it with me now: “Small changes make BIG differences.” Below are 10 ways you can cut calories, today.

10 Ways to Cut Calories in May

1) Cut fat from milk. Going from whole to 2%, 2% to fat-free/low-fat is an easy change you can make that can help cut down 30 calories!
2) Replace 2 slices of bacon with 2 pieces of Canadian bacon.
3) Craving oranges or opting for a Vitamin C boost? Try eating a fresh orange instead of gulping down orange juice.
4) Spending calories at the coffee shop? Order a nonfat latte made from espresso and steamed milk for that hidden calcium!
5) When eating meat, eyeball and compare with a deck of cards which is the same size as a 3-ounce meat serving. You’d be amazed by how much of a difference eyeballing portions make!
6) For sandwich spread, try using sliced Hass avocado instead of mayonnaise for that extra kick and texture.
7) Keep calorie-dense junk foods out of your “snack drawer” and pantry at home. If you don’t see it, you can’t eat it.
8) Have a snack bar rich in fiber handy in your gym bag to eat post-workout to avoid binging at home. My personal fave is a Lara Bar.
9) Stop eating after dinner. This will help you fit into your swimsuit.
10) Instead of 1 cup of alfredo sauce, use 3/4 cup marinara sauce and 1/4 cup alfredo for your pasta to cut calories by more than half.

So go ahead…rock that swimsuit this summer.


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