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Top 10 Great Parenting Books: Newborns and Babies

By: Heather Somaini

Books. Everyone has their favorite and a seasoned Mom gives you the one book they think you need to get your baby to kid stage. We had a few of those and to be honest, most of this list is my wife Tere’s. She was the one that scoured every book and made sure that our babies had a fighting chance of survival in spite of us. All the fun books that make you laugh were my idea.

  1. The Baby Owner’s Manual:  This is the perfect gift for a new or soon-to-be new Dad.  It’s a step-by-step manual on the care and feeding of your new baby.  A comprehensive and cheeky guide written by a pediatrician and his son, you will find insightful comments like “babies, unlike other appliances, lack instruction manuals.”  Don’t let its funny take on parenting and diminutive size fool you, there’s a lot of great information in there.
  2. The Three Martini Playdate:  This is definitely my favorite parenting book and is really more for the toddler stage.  Christie Mellor’s hysterical take on how our kids should behave is priceless.  She details the glories of saying no to your children, explains when you’ve gone too far in childproofing your home and suggests that the Tooth Fairy is getting robbed. Best of all, there’s a recipe for teaching your tot how to mix a simple martini just the way you like it — with lots of alcohol!
  3. Raising Baby Green : I loved this book because it really made me start paying attention to what we were buying and consuming.  There are a few things we may have done differently if we had read it sooner so this is a must-read even before the baby is born.
  4. The Vaccine Book:  Tere lived by this book for every appointment with the pediatrician.  She was incredibly knowledgeable and convinced me to agree with whatever she said!
  5. Superbaby:  This is another one of Tere’s favorites with tons of great info.
  6. Sign with Your Baby:  No, you’re not going out “tagging” with your newborn.  Your 6-month-old can easily learn a few key signs and life becomes soooo much easier.  Our twins learned about three but I’d take anything at that stage that helps you communicate with them!
  7. Twins!: Just in case you were as crazy as we were and thought twins would be AMAZING, here’s the book that might help you through that first year of “What the eff did we just do?”
  8. The Sleep Easy Solution:  You have to sleep train that baby at some point!  Tere felt this one created the best environment for us all to figure it out and there’s no “crying it out” in their program.  Phew!
  9. My Very Own Name :  We received these as gifts when the babies were born and they’re awesome!!  Even now at 4, our kids love pulling them out and listening to the story of their very own name.  Awesome gifts!!
  10. Hatched! :  Ok, that’s just funny!


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