$1 Million Speedboat Hits 40 Foot Wave, Cracked Down Middle (Video)

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An unidentified driver and his passengers were nearly killed when his $1 million 35 foot Donzi powerboat was catapulted 40 feet into the air by a huge wave (video below).

According to the Daily Mail, the dramatic incident happened at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California and was recorded by surfer Pete Koff, who was on the shore.

The speedboat began climbing at a 45 degree angle, but the wave was too great and the boat was thrown completely out of the water.

One of the three men on board was thrown high out of his seat as the speedboat was split down the middle.

The injured driver managed to get the damaged powerboat back to shore where he and his two passengers were taken to hospital for bruising and broken bones.

"I saw the powerboat sitting out on the water in the biggest swell of the year," said Koff. "The waves were 20 feet high and I thought to myself 'that's a really bad place to be sitting.'"

"I have been surfing for 15 years on Ocean Beach and I have never seen anyone there. I carried on filming my friend surfing when the boat came by, so I turned my camera onto it for about 30 seconds and just watched it go past. The guy driving it must have been trying to show off which was dangerous and he really accelerated and shot up the wave."

"I think he thought it was going to break so he needed to get past it, but as the boat shot up the wave it was thrown around 40ft into the air. 'It almost landed vertically and then went flat, which is quite lucky as they all remained on board. Everyone could have died. When it landed, he sat there for a couple of minutes and I know the people on board were injured. The boat split right down the middle but the guy managed to get it back to shore," added Koff.

Source: Daily Mail and YouTube


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