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1 in 10 Americans Uses Smartphone During Sex, Says Study

Earlier this year, Harris Interactive conducted a survey that found about one in ten of Americans admitted to using a smartphone during sex.

In the 2013 Mobile Con­sumer Habits study, commissioned by Jumio, over 2000 people were surveyed.

A shocking 20 percent of the so-called "Generation X" and "Millennial" generations said they used their smartphones during sex, noted

It's not clear if this habit is because of how great their smartphones are or how lousy the sex is.

On the flip side, about 12 percent said smartphones interfere with their sexual relationship, but over 70 percent say they keep their smartphone within five feet of themselves 24/7.

When it came to locations of smartphone use, the survey said 12 percent use their smartphones in the shower, 19 percent were inside a church or another place of worship, 32 percent reached for their cell phone during a child’s activity at school, 33 percent used smartphones while on a date, 35 percent while in a movie theater (good way to cause a fight) and 55 percent while driving their car (good way to cause an accident).

Across the pond, The Guardianreports on another study, published in the Lancet medical journal, that claims British people are having less sex, but the reason may not be smartphones.

British people, ages 16-44, are having sex under five times a month and the number drops to three times a month for the overall adult population.

According to Professor Kaye Wellings, one of the study's leaders, increasing numbers of unemployed people are having less sex, which is linked to "low self-esteem, depression."

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