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Little Girl Hospitalized After Wearing These Popular Shoes - Here's The Mom's Warning To Others

In Rosie’s case, her foot started developing blisters after just a single day in the shoes...

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Alabama Doctor Says She'll Disobey Statewide Abortion Ban By Still Giving Abortions (Video)

As a mother and a physician, this abortion ban is deeply personal...


Mom Forced To Choose Between Cancer Treatments And Giving Birth, Makes Her Choice

When she was just seventeen weeks pregnant, she got diagnosed with an aggressive and dangerous form of leukemia...


Warning: 30 Babies Have Died In This Fisher-Price Toy

Not only have the products been recalled but...


This religious tradition encourages people...

Man Decides To Only Consume Beer For 46 Days, Here’s What It Has Done To His Body


Woman Left In Tears After Trip To Salon Takes Unfortunate Turn

She never expected to be denied service because of it...


Here’s What Happens To Your Brain When You Eat Too Much Pork

18-year-old man has died after eating too much pork...


Teen Girl Tries To Bleach Hair, Then Things Take A Horrible Turn

She bought bleach from the dollar store and got to work doing it herself...


Police Learn Of Unvaccinated Toddler, Take Drastic Measures

They raided a family’s home with guns drawn as they remove an unvaccinated child...


People Were Shocked When They Saw What This Anti-Vegan Protestor Was Eating (Video)

The anti-vegan protestor who goes by “Sv3rige” on YouTube shocked many onlookers...


11-Year-Old Boy Eats Cake, Dies Suddenly

Because Debbs did not know much about food allergies...


Officer Doesn’t Realize What Taco Bell Quesadilla Is Laced With Until It’s Too Late

The police officer realized that the special ingredients were put in there...

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80-Year-Old Woman Discovered Slumped Over Desk, Then The Disturbing Truth Comes Out

“left to choke on her own saliva” as the care home ignores her...

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4-Year-Old Boy Confesses Secret To Teacher, She Rushes To Phone Immediately

That’s when she learned that the boy was having some problems at home...

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Teen Boy Begins Having Suicidal Thoughts Out Of Nowhere, Doctors Realize It’s Because Of Cat

After suffering hallucinations and outbursts of rage after he caught the illness from his cat

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Yet Another Man’s Cancer Traced To Popular Weedkiller

Things took a turn for the poison manufacturer

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Moments After She Gives Birth, New Mom Dies When Doctor Brutally Rips Out Her Placenta

Alisa Tepikina experienced her last moments in life looking at her baby girl...

Veteran Denied Care, Commits Suicide In VA Parking Lot Promo Image

Veteran Denied Care, Commits Suicide In VA Parking Lot

A 76-year-old veteran of the United States Navy...