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Michelle Obama Says She Would Not Run For President (Photos)

First lady Michelle Obama says she will not be running for president in the future.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the first lady reflected on the last eight years and her hopes for the future, the Daily Mail reports. She also revealed she has no plans to run for office after she and her husband move out of the White House in January.

"I don't make stuff up. I'm not coy. I've proven that. I'm pretty direct," she told Winfrey during the interview, which aired on CBS on Dec. 19. "If I were interested in it, I'd say it. I don't believe in playing games. It's not something I would do. But it also speaks to the fact that people don't really understand how hard this is. And it's not something that you cavalierly just sort of ask a family to do again."

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Winfrey said she was asked by several people to relay the question of whether the first lady would run for president in the future. She said eight years was enough, which made her think about what 16 years would be like.

"I wouldn't do that to my kids, because what people don't understand is that you run -- their lives stop at any age," Obama said. "I mean, the next family that comes in here, every person in that family, every child, every grandchild, their lives will be turned upside down in a way that no American really understands. And it's not for us to complain about it. So you don't hear complaints. But it is a -- a truth, an actuality, that there is a weight to it."

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Obama said she thought the experience would either make or break her daughters, who were 7 and 10 years old at the time her husband took office. She said she and her husband became closer during his time as commander-in-chief, adding that a spouse is the only person who really knows about the good and bad things going on.

When asked about the next first lady, Melania Trump, Obama said she didn't offer any advice to her during their meeting at the White House in November, but called the meeting "very pleasant."

Obama said she thought the future first lady did not know what questions to ask yet, but added that her door will always be open for her.

"You really don't know what you don't know until you're here," Obama said. "So ... the door is open, as I've told her, and as [former first lady] Laura Bush told me, you know, and as other first ladies told me."

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS / Photo credit: Joyce N. Boghosian/Wikimedia Commons, CBS via Daily Mail

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