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Is Zoe Saldana Bisexual?

Zoe Saldana may have had long standing relationships with men such as her ex-fiance, Keith Britton, and Bradley Cooper, but in a new Allure interview, Saldana hints that she could be with a woman.

"[I may] end up with a woman raising my children," Saldana said. "That's how androgynous I am! Yes, I was raised that open."

Saldana says that in the last few years she has become more open about her lifestyle.

"Now, in the last few years of my life, I'm actually claiming what I want and not being afraid that I'm jinxing it, that it might not happen, that I might be disappointed if it doesn't happen," Saldana continued. "If I have something good in front of me, it doesn't matter if it's a person or a pair of shoes, I'm not going to test something else. It's insecure and it's immature."


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