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ZEFR Partners With Covergirl And Pantene In New YouTube Marketing Program

ZEFR, formally known as MovieClips, signed its first partners – Covergirl and Pantene – in a pilot program to help brands and consumers interact and profit from each other via YouTube.

ZEFR’s technology tracks YouTube videos and finds those marketing different brands’ products. For example, in Covergirl and Pantene’s case, these videos could be where girls do hair or makeup tutorials using their products. This technology allows companies to see want kind of marketing strategies work for their products.

"ZEFR has invested years in building and refining the technology to identify fan activity on YouTube," said ZEFR co-founder, Zach James, in a statement. "We applied our technology to help many content owners manage their fans on YouTube, and now with BrandID we are leveraging that expertise to enable brands to gain visibility and insight into their official and fan-generated presence on YouTube."

Consumers also benefit from the program as companies will be able to gear their marketing toward what the public wants, let their buyers know about new products or hold contests.

According to James and head of operations, Tae Lee, brands will now be able to recognize all the unofficial fan videos made on YouTube, which give them vital information, reported TheWrap.

"This entire time, people have only been able to measure what they do on YouTube,
 Lee said. “The problem with that is they're missing sometimes 99 percent of the effects of [those videos] … This is where Brand ID comes in."

Every brand that decides to use ZEFR’s services will be assigned a “brand specialist” who will inform the company about where its brand is showing up on YouTube, and will inform the company about their competition, responses to campaigns, or information about the industry in general.

TheWrap reported ZEFR will be showing the service to companies at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Source: TheWrap


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