Zachary Quinto Gay or Straight? He's Not Telling

Zachary Quinto, the former Heroes star who transitioned to the big screen as Dr. Spock in Star Trek, is currently appearing on the New York stage in a production of Angels in America.

Zachary is interviewed by The New York Times in today’s edition and in this excerpt, he makes clear that he does not want to talk about his personal life. AfterElton.com wonders if the line of questioning though is continuing to move away from the idea that asking celebrities about their sexual orientation is somehow off-limits.

Judge for yourself from this excerpt:

While Mr. Quinto accepts the occasional fan ambush as part of the movie and television stardom package, he chooses to keep his distance from what he regards as mindless celebrity-gossip culture. “I’m grateful that celebrity or notoriety wasn’t thrust upon me when I was in my 20s, because I think I would have buckled under the weight of it, as so many people do,” he said. “But I’ve come to realize through experience that ultimately I really do have a lot of power in terms of the way I relate to the public or to people outside of my intimate circle of friends and family. Boundaries are very important to me.”

Despite Mr. Quinto’s efforts to keep his private life private, the blogosphere is rife with speculation about his sexuality, no doubt fueled by his support for gay rights and organizations like the Trevor Project. He prefers not to feed that rumor mill with either substantiation or dismissal. He speaks passionately about gay marriage, about “don’t ask, don’t tell” and about the recent wave of gay bullying and suicides.

“The fact that these things are such hot-button issues right now, socially and politically, I would much rather talk about that than talk about who I sleep with,” Mr. Quinto said. “I would love to be a voice in this maelstrom of chaos and obsessive celebrity infatuation that says, ‘Let’s talk about something that matters,’ ” he added.

Here is Zachary's video for the It Gets Better Project which I just realized I had not posted before.

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