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YouTube Stars Perform Amazing Basketball Stunt from 500 Feet (Video)

YouTube stars from "Dude Perfect" recently attempted to drop a basketball off Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas and into a basket 500 feet below.

After one member of Dude Perfect dropped the basketball from an observation deck on the tower, another member yelled from a megaphone directing two more guys, on the ground, who were holding a basketball hoop, noted (video below).

The men on the ground had to quickly carry the basketball hoop so that the ball would swish through, which it did. calculates that the basketball was traveling at around 80 mph by the time it reached the net below after being airborne for 10 seconds.

According to the Dude Perfect website, the guys, who identify themselves as Christians, have made crazy basketball shots before:

Dude Perfect has used its crazy basketball shots to inspire hundreds of millions with their contagious Go Big philosophy. In the four short years since they exploded onto the scene, Dude Perfect has filmed basketball videos all over the world and worked with Fortune 500 brands such as GMC, ESPN, AT&T, and Southwest Airlines.



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