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YouTube Star Emily Hartridge Shares the Secrets of Her Success (Video)

Emily Hartridge is a YouTube star with more than 7 million views on her channel, which features her weekly "Ten Reasons Why" videos.

Her comedic videos are new each Monday and are linked by the Daily Mail, driving tons of traffic. She has 45,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Hartridge's "Ten Reasons Why" takes on a different topic each week such as: Why You Should Have Sex with Your Ex, Why I Wish I Were a Lesbian and Why Women (And Men) Cheat.

In an exclusive interview with Opposing Views (below), Hartridge explains how she started the videos and shares the details of her wacky world.

Hartridge was born in Portsmouth, England, but currently lives in London. Each week she writes, performs and edits her own videos, which have brought her to the attention of Hollywood. Hartridge has been in talks with one production company about a sitcom.

Outside of her own videos, Hartridge has interviewed Russell Brand, Hugh Jackman, Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried for Yahoo! OMG.

The comedic Brit recently started a new YouTube series with her friend Paula called "2 Girls, 1 Movie," which reviews recently released films.

Hartridge can be found on YouTube and Twitter.


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