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Original: Offers $150,000 for Arnold Schwarzenegger Sex Pictures

When we heard that some hedge fund manager in New Jersey had found a bunch of nudie pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Madonna (not together, like in the mental images you're having right now) we were at first sceptical. But it seems that the claims are true: Jeremy Frommer's weird habit of buying up old and abandoned storage units to search for hidden treasure seems to have seen him hit gold, in the storage unit of late Penthouse mogul Bob Guccione, and everybody wants a piece.

YouPorn, the website your teenage son most often deletes from his browsing history, have offered Frommer $150,000 for the pics, placing emphasis on the Schwarze-nude:

"Sounds like you found  hidden treasure by finding some serious Hollywood 'booty'.

"We'd like to seriously open a dialogue with you about purchasing the rights to publish the unpublished nude pics of the  'Governator' Arnold Schwarzenegger going "Commando" performing a sex act.  

"We'd also like to publish the photos of Madonna and Lauren Hutton as well, but let's face it, the real value here is in Schwarzenegger's 'Schwantz'.

"We'd love the ability to show the world the former Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympian, Former Governor of California, and  Last Action Hero pumping his iron!"

And we'd love to see it! No, really. If only to work out exactly what sex act he'd performing. Is it sexy times with a lady? With a man? With a suit of armour? With himself? We need to know! The language in all of the reports is too ambiguous!

So far, we're not sure if Jeremy has responded, but he did previously say that he wanted to curate the contents of Guccione's storage unit into an exhibition. Plus, he's a major hedge fund manager so he probably doesn't really need their $150,000. We just Googled 'hedge fund manager salaries' and promptly passed out from rage, so it's safe to say old Jez isn't short of cash.


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