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Wyclef Jean Slams Sean Penn in Song

Oh dear, talk about hateful. Failed Haitian presidential candidate and hip-hop star Wyclef Jean has snapped back at Sean Penn for criticising his bid to run for the role.

Performing at Hot 97’s ‘On The Reggae Tip’ event in New York City on Friday, the MC let rip with a few choice words for Penn.

While singing If I Was President, Wyclef morphed the lyrics to say:

“If I was president. I got a message for Sean Penn, maybe he ain’t see me in Haiti cuz he was too busy sniffing cocaine…”

He also had a message for his former Fugees bandmate Praswell, who also raised a cynical eyebrow over his presidential bid.

“I got a message for Praswell, even though you don’t want to support me, I got love for you, even though you only kicked eight bars in the Fugees.”

Wyclef’s well-publicised campaign was harpooned after Haiti’s electoral commission ruled that he was not an appropriate candidate for the title.

It’s good to see he’s taken it so well:


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