Writer's Block or Nothing to Say?


Recently I was caught staring at a blank computer screen as if I had been sucked into the void. With over 10 topics awaiting witty prose, not one word was being typed or written or spoken. Writer’s block happens to everyone yet no one could tell me how to unblock my brain.

Having been stuck in this precarious position before, I turned to my traditional mental Drano® and grabbed a pen and paper. Sometimes the organic feeling I get when actually writing something makes me feel more comfortable and the creativity flows. All I got were doodles. I then went for my second foolproof method; talk to someone about the topic. I carry a digital recorder for just these sorts of occasions. It is much easier to vocalize your opinions when someone is in agreement or better yet, forcing you to think by debating. Awkward silence. So I did what any self-respecting adult should do when faced with an obstacle they are unable to negotiate. I whined. I started in about how frustrating it was to need to write something and know everything I need to know but still be unable to formulate an opinion. I logically deduced the pressure was a factor and perpetuating an already tenuous situation. I was asked, “Why can’t you find something else to write about first?” I answered (whined), “Because nothing is interesting enough.”


The next sentiment was riddled with expletives but the redacted version was something like, “No wonder I can’t write. I don’t care enough about anything out there right now. Maybe I should write about that!” And, so, here we are.

There are plenty of things going on the World o’ Geek which pique my interest of course and there are games crying to played, movies begging to be seen and PR representatives blacklisting me but sometimes it is difficult to be original when hundreds of people are given the same information and asked to regurgitate the same format to the same thousand readers. Sometimes. I need to be stimulated in some way. Excite me or piss me off, I don’t care which one but do not give me a fifteen minute demonstration on an Alpha build of a sequel and expect magic. More to the point, don’t attempt to distract me with a forty-five minute presentation (or a two hour movie) full of explosions and “pretty” in hopes I won’t notice the lack of substance and expecting a substantial editorial in return.

The problem lies in the amount of fluff in the way of the more significant. I want to spend an extra hour with Alice: Madness Returns because it is incredible fun, and a bit twisted and I didn’t play the first one and… But, I have three other titles, which are unexciting waiting on some sort of review. I want to see 13 Assassins but I will have to go see Transformers 3 first while trying to believe it will better because Megan Fox is no longer in the films.

My good friend Esmeralda said I needed to get angry in order to knock down the barrier and she may have been on to something. I am peeved at the inundation of mediocrity of some games, movies, apps, gadgets and comics but there are some hidden gems out there deserving our attention. Now that the creative juices are flowing once more, I will find imaginative ways to say “don’t waste our time” and “what the heck were they thinking” because if it wasn’t for these inconsequential titles I might not appreciate the remarkable ones.  Or something like that.


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