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Notorious "Girls Gone Wild" Founder Joe Francis To Wed

Apparently Joe Francis asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said yes. This is the same girlfriend he has had for a while. She has seen him go to jail for his sex crimes, his problems with the IRS and everything else.

Oh, and she has been around for all the complaints made against him by women, and stands by him even though he makes his money by getting drunk girls to take off their clothes for a t-shirt. I'm sure her family is proud.

Meanwhile, to show that Joe is a man of the people, he says it won't be a traditional wedding ceremony, since he won't get married for real until all gay people in the world can get married. Apparently this extends to his proposing to her without a ring also.

He says one is getting made. I say that she will probably end up with a t-shirt.

Now, you would think anyone dumb enough to actually be with this guy would be, like, 18 and blind. It turns out she is an entertainment reporter for the CBS affiliate here in LA. Her name is Christina McLarty.

You know the station is just waiting for the day the couple get in a fight and he releases, like, 50 hours of her naked.


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