World's Tallest Water Slide is Tested by Humans (Video)


The Verruckt, the world's tallest water slide, was recently tested by humans at the Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City, Kansas.

A video (below) released by Schlitterbahn shows the water slide riders' point of views as they fly down the monster slide, which resembles a human roller coaster.

According to, the Verruckt is 168 feet and 7 inches tall (17 stories) and people go down the slide at a speed of 65 miles-per-hour.

Riders are Velcro-strapped on to a large raft, but the ride is also enclosed by netting so that people will not go flying off should the Velcro fail.

According to the Schlitterbahn website, the Verruckt was officially named the "world’s tallest water slide" by Guinness Book of World Records on April 25.

Schlitterbahn previously announced on its site, "As of today the ride opens for media on June 5th, and for the public on June 6th," but there have been delays with the custom-made conveyor belt that will haul the rafts to the top of the slide.

"The ride is fine, it works, but carrying those heavy rafts up 264 stairs would not be fun for riders," Tara Henry, a spokeswoman with the water park, told

Henry added that plans indicate the water slide will be open to the public before the end of this month.



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