"Wonder Woman": Not Coming to a TV Near You


Ok, so who did NOT see this one coming? A show of hands please…

Television scribe David E Kelley, who brought us shows like Picket Fences, Chicago Hope, and Ally McBeal, is facing massive disappointment today.

His Wonder Woman pilot which starred Adrianne Palicki as the Amazon princess, was rejected by NBC.

And here I was kind of looking forward to the show making it to series. Of course, mostly so I could poke fun at the ridiculous costume they put Palicki in…

The updated version of the comic book hero was to be the CEO of major corporation during the day and crime fighter by night.

Sounds good don’t it? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Apparently, during test screenings, audiences simply didn’t connect with the show and the whole thing was scrapped.

My guess is that the changes; A. didn’t sit well, and B. Palicki doesn’t look as good in the suit as say Lynda Carter.

Personally, I think the script should have been done by Joss Whedon as was originally proposed, and turned into a feature film.

But that’s just me. Hopefully, the CW Network doesn’t pick it up to replace Smallville or anything…yikes!

How do you feel about Wonder Woman not making it into the fall’s prime time lineup?

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