Women Fight During Christmas Tree Lighting (Video)


The annual Philadelphia City Hall Christmas tree lighting in Love Park turned into a brawl between two women last night.

According to CBS Philadelphia, the women were trading blows over who was going to get the better view.

TV crews caught the incident (video below) as Mayor Michael Nutter and other city officials prepared for the lighting.

Fortunately, other people in the crowd stepped in and separated the gals, noted the Delco Times.

No one was arrested and the Christmas tree lighting proceeded. Mayor Nutter turned on the 6,000 LED lights to light the tree.

The ceremony included a live musical performance from the cast of the "Jersey Boys" reports NBC Philadelphia.

Apparently, the holidays can bring out the worst in people on the road as well, says a new poll about driving.

State Farm Insurance recently posted an online survey that found that 64 percent of drivers experienced aggressive driving six times (or more) during the past three months. However, 44 percent of the drivers polled admitted they had also been aggressive on the road.

“Don’t engage the aggressive driver so when that person cuts you off or cuts in front of you or gives you the middle finger or whatever it might be, don’t engage them,” State Farm Insurance agent Chris Duncan told CBS Baltimore. “Let it go. Let them win. Because at the end of the day, what do you gain by engaging that person? It can’t end well.”

Sources: CBS Baltimore, NBC Philadelphia, Delco Times, CBS Philadelphia


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