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Woman Tried to Stick Finger into Matthew McConaughey's Rear

During the filming of Magic Mike, Matthew McConaughey apparently had one of the female extras try to shove her finger up his bumhole during a strip scene. It sounds exciting, sexy and possibly a cause for legal action. Just like almost everything Lindsay Lohan does.

We've asked around the office and the prevailing opinion is that sticking your finger in a stripper's anus isn't really top of the to-do list during hen parties and the like. Apparently, vomiting in pot plants, using the male urinals and licking cream off penises is where the real action is.

But then again, Matthew McConaughey probably has a much cleaner ring than most male strippers, and if you did manage to pop a digit up his crapper it'd almost certainly make a nice conversation starter for those quiet moments at the dinner table.

Unfortunately, the woman in question hasn't been named so just like 3/4 of 'reality' programmes on TV at the moment, we're not entirely convinced it's even vaguely true. The fact it came straight from director Steven Soderberg's mouth during a recent Vanity Fair interview isn't going to convince us otherwise. Sorry Steven.

"While we were shooting Matthew's strip sequence, one very impassioned woman extra pulled his G-string off and tried to stick her finger up his butt. And when I remembered that, I thought, You know, where I come from, you stand up for a guy who brings that kind of game to your movie."

To which McNaughty-Hey replied:

"I don't think she was trying to stick her finger up my butt,"



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