Woman Sues Pantyhose Company Over Orgasm Commercial (Video)


Meng Wang is suing Gildan Outerwear for "deceptive and otherwise improper business practices."

The New York woman claims she bought a pair of Kushyfoot Shaping Tights, manufactured by Gildan Outerwear, for $7.64 after watching a sexually charged ad (video below) that implied a woman wearing the tights was experiencing sexual pleasure.

RawStory.com reports that Wang's lawsuit says she was upset that the tights didn't leave her “super satisfied.”

According to The Gothamist, Wang's lawsuit also states:

"Towards the end of the commercial, the woman opens her eyes to find herself surrounded by a group of excited women fascinated with knowing her secret to feeling orgasmic on city streets; she eagerly tells them, 'Oh, it's Kushyfoot,' and distributes their products from her shopping bags to each of the women. A voiceover then explains, 'The Kushyfoot padded sole massages your feet to relieve tension and fatigue, making your whole body feel refreshed.' The commercial ends with the entire group of women looking blissful and self-possessed crossing the street together so the viewer is supposed to assume that they have all put on the Kushyfoot products."

Sources: RawStory.com, The Gothamist
Image Credit: Kushyfoot Shaping Tights TV Commercial Screenshot


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