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Woman Has Cheating Boyfriend Complete Embarrassing Scavenger Hunt

A woman who's boyfriend cheated on her decided to give him a second chance, only if he completed an embarrassing scavenger hunt.

The photo of the hunt's guidelines was posted online, and soon went viral. Not much is known about the hunt, or if the woman really did take him back.

Regardless, the tasks she had him complete are funny. Each task had to be signed by a witness, and many required photos to be taken.

Titled, "My loser boyfriend's scavenger hunt: Acts of service to women," the woman first had him "go to a drug store and ask the sales clerk to find a pair of Opaque Control Top Pantyhose in black and a pair of Sheer Black Pantyhose."

Not only that, but it required him to purchase them and find somewhere to put them on. Then, this had to be signed by someone.

Next, she has him "purchase a clear lip gloss" to apply to his "cheating lips." This must be kept on for the duration of the hunt.

The tasks worth the most points were signed, which included trying on a pair of Spanx and taking a picture of it, and trying on 3 dresses.

But other tasks were not signed, including asking a woman wearing high heels if he could massage her feet, and trying on a pair of four-inch heels, purple flats and boots.

At the end, the woman wrote, "You must complete each of these tasks by no later than 10:00 p.m. January 18, 2013. I bet next time you will rethink cheating on me! -Emma."

Comments on Reddit range from people thinking the woman's plan was genius, to people thinking she was crazy. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit


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