Woman Claims She Was 'Raped' by Burger King Ad Using Her Picture (Video)


Burger King created a "BK Super Seven Incher" ad five years ago in Singapore to sell a new sandwich, but apparently failed to get permission from the young woman (in the ad) to use her picture.

UpRoxx.com notes that the ad has strong sexual overtones with the woman's open mouth, phallic-looking sandwich and the words, "It'll Blow Your Mind Away."

If the woman's picture was used without her permission, she would definitely have a "right of publicity" lawsuit because the company used her picture in a commercial manner. However, if she previously signed her rights away for the photo then she may not have a case.

The young woman, who has not released her name, recently uploaded a video (below) entitled "Burger King Digitally-Raped My Face."

In the video, she shows several pictures, including the one in the ad, that she posed for during a photo shoot.

"Is this an for blow jobs or fast food?" she asks in the video.

The woman also writes on her YouTube page:

Burger King found my photo online from a series I did of various facial expressions and contortion poses, and with no due regard to me as a person, profited off reducing me to an orifice for their penis sludge; publicly humiliating me in the process. It was shown online as well as on bus stops and the walls and place mats of their restaurant.

When asked for comment from the press Burger King claimed the campaign went down well, however after some research I discovered The Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (where it was released) received several complaints and the campaign had to be prematurely removed.

...There is something VERY wrong with the fact that they felt entitled to do that to my face without signing a contract with me.

I believe in sexual expression in art and the media; it's beautiful and necessary for a healthy society but IT MUST BE CONSENSUAL otherwise it's RAPE.

Sources: YouTube, UpRoxx.com, Law.Cornell.edu


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