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Woman Claims Justin Bieber Fathered Her Daughter When He Was Fifteen and She Was Twenty-Five (Report)

Justin Bieber is being hit with a new round of paternity claims; a woman is claiming that Bieber fathered her now two-year-old daughter.

“She gave birth to a baby girl later that year (2010), and Justin didn’t know anything about it. She just wanted to protect her baby. She wanted to keep her and her family away from any spotlight,” a source told Star magazine.

Star Magazine's report claims that the woman, an unidentified European woman, and Bieber spent one night together in Feb. 2010 in Miami. The woman was 25 at the time and Bieber was 15.

"In my opinion, she does look a lot like Justin did at that same age,” the source continued.

“She only recently began considering alerting Justin to the existence of her daughter — but she won’t be asking for a penny form him, and she has no desire to become part of the celebrity lifestyle. She’s going to leave it up to Justin to decide, at any point in the future that he chooses, if he ever wants to get involved with the child.”

This isn't the first time Bieber has been hit with a paternity claim. In 2011, 20-year-old Mariah Yeater claimed that Bieber was the father of her son and asked for child support. Bieber took a paternity test and the claim ended up being false.

Gossip Cop reports that the newest claim is also false according to Bieber's rep.


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