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Witness In Mel Gibson Case Dies, Gibson Crashes Car

The woman Mel Gibson referred to as a wetback died over the weekend. The woman, who had stage four cancer, died after losing her long battle against the disease. The woman was a key witness because she had seen Mel in one of his rages where he was slamming doors and swearing, and then, of course, she was the victim of one of his outbursts also.

Nice to know that while she was suffering through a life threatening battle, Mel was calling her vicious names and swearing at her. Knowing what a callous f**k he is, Mel probably heard the news that she died last night around 8:30pm. Why? Because it was at that exact moment in time that Mel slammed his car into the side of a Malibu hill.

Now I guess it could have been that one of the rocks on the hill was not dressed to Mel's specifications, so he crashed into it. You know, to keep it from getting raped or something. Those other rocks can be a mean bunch.

The police say Mel was not drinking.


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