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Former Food Network Chef Tried Hiring Homeless People As Hit Men

Former Food Network chef, Juan Carlos Cruz, has learned that when you see homeless people holding signs saying "Will work for food," that work does not mean they are willing to kill someone. On Thursday, Juan was arrested and charged with solicitation of murder and is being held on $5M bail.

At least two homeless people came forward to police about a week ago saying that Juan had attempted to hire them to kill someone. It kind of sounds like Fletch. But, it wasn't, and police spent a week going undercover and finally had enough to arrest Juan last week. Juan formerly hosted the Food Network show Calorie Commando. I don't think I remember that show. It was on for a couple of seasons and involved him making low-calorie versions of comfort food.

Well, it sounds like, if the allegations are proved to be true, that he will get to spend a lot of time in jail doing it for real.


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