Will Smith, Drake, One Direction and Rihanna React to Miley Cyrus’ VMAs Performance (Video)

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Miley Cyrus put on a show at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. While personal opinions about that performance will obviously differ, there is no denying that the one-time Hannah Montana child star is obviously trying to rebel against the image that made her a multi-millionaire. How is Miley rebelling these days? Like many young women before her, by having sex with Robin Thicke. Okay, maybe not having sex – but definitely simulating it.

If you missed last night’s big show and want to know why Billy Ray Cyrus is currently on the no-sell list at every gun store in America, you can check it out below. If you’ve just had breakfast, please wait 30 minutes before watching this clip.

More amazing than Miley’s actual performance, though, was the reception it got. Not from fans, mind you. From her fellow entertainers.

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Honestly, when Scientologists think you’re crazy, it’s time to re-examine your life decisions.


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