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Will the Next 'Bachelor' be Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow the next “Bachelor?”   Not only would that be a ratings killer, but extremely fun to watch.

The host of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison, revealed on Access Hollywood Live that The Bachelor has approached Tebow, the Denver Broncos quarterback, to be the next contestant on the reality show. What was Tebow’s reaction to the offer? Harrison stated, “He did say yes … but he would never do it. He has a little job called quarterback at least for another year.”

Harrison joked that Tebow has agreed to do the show and that his people are still in talks.

Tebow would be fun to watch on The Bachelor. A devout Christian, he once famously said he would wait to have sex until marriage. With all the kissing and canoodling that goes on in The Bachelor something tells me Tebow would feel slightly uncomfortable.

Is Tebow even on the market?  The quarterback has recently been linked to pop superstar Taylor Swift after being spotted dining together.

Would you watch Tim Tebow as The Bachelor??


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