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Will Lindsay Lohan Star in Next ‘Scary Movie' Flick?

The “Scary Movie” franchise is back… I know most of you are now groaning and/or eye rolling, but this next installment might actually be good-ish!

Producers for the next “Scary Movie” are looking to add troubled star, Lindsay Lohan, to the cast!

The franchise has featured appearances by other famous pop-culture figures like Charlie Sheen, Pamela Anderson, Shaq, Dr. Phil, Lil John and more.

According to a source, Lindsay is in talks with producer Bob Weinstein about joining the cast. Lindsay is said to be starring opposite “High SchoolMusical” star Ashley Tisdale.

Tisdale will be taking the place of the lead, formerly played by actress Anna Faris who will not be returning.

This could be the next step in Lindsay’s long awaited comeback, but she has yet to be confirmed.

Try not to mess this one up Lindsay!

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