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Will Lauryn Hill Ever Achieve Greatness Again?

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By Jacques "Jooks" Morel

Be comfortable in your own skin.

That has nothing to do with anything that I am about to write.

The other day, an unreleased Lauryn Hill song attacked Hip Hop blogs/Facebook/and Twitter with a fury. While listening to the song yields an elated sense from the mind, it is dope…and unreleased. It is not new material.

Where is the new material? Actually wait, I don’t really care.

Yeah…I know she can play any instrument under the moon, sings like an angel, and can drive a manual transmission. She is truly talented.

Regardless, I do not understand the immense hype around Lauryn Hill -- an artist who has managed to drop a classic project, and self exile herself from the industry for YEARS. People speak of Lauryn as the greatest…and a new album from her is what everyone is buzzing about. 

However, this isn’t ’98 anymore. Twelve years later, I am more excited for the release of Starcraft 2 than a new project from Hill. This is not a denial of true talent – no, it is a boycott of the BS.

Do you not think this whole thing is bullsh*t? Maybe it is just me, but I feel people getting hyped about new music from an artist that hasn’t dropped in TWELVE YEARS is a little unfounded. Unreleased music at that. The hype is almost BAD for a comeback. If she produces anything less than close to the caliber of "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill", people are going to quote this piece and mash Hill up into the annals of irrelevancy. 

Look at the treatment Shyne is getting – (although his music is proven to be trash…he needs to leave Belize…because his family continues to lie to him). Nah for real though, Shyne sounds like a kid that just downloaded Cool Edit Pro and started rapping. Or like someone who has been in jail for the last forever. With his current music situation Shyne is relevant…while being irrelevant at the same time.

Lauryn Hill could be headed into a career trap. A bad album, and its suicide – only to be known for dropping a classic and disappearing. Muddy waters…she should tread lightly.



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