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Will Kim Kardashian Return Her $2 Million Dollar Engagement Ring?

What will Kim Kardashian do with the $2 million dollarengagement ring Kris Humpries unluckily was stupid enough to buy for her? What about the wedding gifts the happy couple received?

Actually the answers to these questions are both predictable and logical.  As far as the ring it looks like Kim wants to hang onto the 20.5-carat diamond and platinum engagement ring. In her divorce filing documents Kim requested that unspecified jewelry obtained during the relationship remain her sole property. We assume this includes the $2 million piece of jewellery. Besides, didn’t Kris get at least $2 million dollars worth of advertising by marrying Kruel Kim? Let’s see, that’s about $40,000/day based on Kris’ 72 days of martial bliss.

As far as the wedding gifts, there is clear precedent – Lizzie Post, co-author of Emily Post Etiquette, 18th Edition, and a spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute says:

“Obviously anything that has been monogrammed or used can’t be returned, but otherwise, the gifts should be returned with a simple note saying, ‘Thanks so much for your love and support’.”

Perhaps Kim can donate her ill-gotten engagement ring to a charity for homeless men – men like her now homeless and dispossessed hubby, Kris.


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