Video: Will Ferrell Shaves Conan O’Brien’s Beard


Will Ferrell promised to shave the beard off late-night host Conan O’Brien — or red “mistake” as Ferrell called it on Funny or Die.

In a hilariously drawn-out segment, Ferrell played barber for the ‘Beardpocalypse’ and shaved off O’Brien’s whiskers mid-show.

“I found an error. The error that I found is your beard. That thing’s a huge mistake,” Ferrell said in his first shaving warning to O’Brien.

Sure, there was some other big international news on Monday, but Ferrell only had one bearded man in mind.

“There is nothing else going on in this country other than the fervor to shave that beard,” he said before the shaving segment went down. “I turned on the television last night to see if people were talking about it…There were people celebrating at the White House. There were people celebrating in Times Square. Chanting ‘U.S.A.! Shave the beard!’”

“Yesterday, we took care of one maniac with a beard. Today, Will Ferrell will take care of another. #Beardpocalypse,” O’Brien tweeted Monday, referring to Osama bin Laden.

After Ferrell tried his best to shave off O’Brien’s beard, a professional finished up the job during a commercial break.

Devotees will remember O’Brien originally grew the beard during the writer’s strike. He’s had the beard on-and-off since then.


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