Will Arnett Signs Petition to Save Own TV Show

Thew new show Running Wilde on Fox, which stars Will Arnett and Keri Russell, has been a ratings disaster. Fox ordered 13 episodes, but it might never make it that far. But the good news for fans who like the show: there is a petition to try and save it, and Will Arnett has signed it. Over the past week, he has really been tweeting almost nonstop about the show, including how he wants the show to run forever, or at least long enough for him to get Two And A Half Men $$.

This morning, though, he seems frustrated about the results.

"Thanks to everyone who signed the petition..f**king ratings sucked...I guess America hates jokes?"

I think the problem is that unless you watch Fox regularly, there has not been a lot of press about the show. No making the rounds or making sure people can find the show through all of the new offerings. It is a funny show and Will is Will, but I don't think it will make it.


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