The Wild World of Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing (Video)


When most people think of off-roading, they likely don't picture grown men riding Barbie cars built for children, also known as Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing.

According to, the final race of this bizarre season recently took place on Morris Mountain ORV in Heflin, Alabama.

Broken Knuckle Films, which filmed the competition (video below), notes that the winner was the company's Matt Myrick. This was Myrick's third win in a row, making him the most successful Extreme Barbie Jeep Racer ever.

There were also some brutal crashes during the wild races (video below), including Dalton Scoggins who suffered an ankle snap.

According to Broken Knuckle Films, Scoggins suffered some torn ligaments, but will return in 2015.

Sources:, Broken Knuckle Films


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